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Anxiety tip number 3 Foods to Avoid

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I want to talk about things you need to avoid in your diet. But before I do lets touch on what the ideal diet is for a person suffering from anxiety as that is a common question that comes up.

The ideal diet for recovery from any anxiety be it panic attacks or general anxiety is a low glycemic diet. That basically means a diet that keeps your blood sugar levels constant throughout the day. The reason for this is that symptoms of panic and anxiety can often be very similar to the symptoms of low blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels fluctuate too much your body ends up releasing more adrenaline into your system making you feel more on edge.

Often a persons first panic attack can be caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar levels -for example after a night out of excessive drinking or eating. That initial panic attacks triggers a fear of fear and the person gets caught in vicious cycle of anxiety.

Now because foods with a low glycemic index take longer to digest they maintain blood sugar (glucose) levels at a relatively constant state throughout the day and you dont get any of those highs and lows.
There is ton of information on low Low-glycemic diet I don’t however recommend that people doing this coaching program change their diet too much because its is just too much effort and won’t be sustained by the majority of people.
What I therefore now recommend is to cut out the worst offenders from your diet. That can be enough to have a beneficial impact. Here are the things that absolutely must go in order for you to speed up your recovery.

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